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In an effort to help users explore more broadcasts available, Periscope has revealed a variety of new features.

Among the new updates is a replay option called “Highlights”, which can be seen in the home feed (and other areas). When you log into the app, you’ll be able to watch short previews for every live broadcast you may have missed. The previews are generated automatically for each upload video.

Besides having the ability to seamlessly scroll through your home feed to browse Highlights, the feature will also be applied to broadcasts on map locations, profiles, and on search results. The user will see a brief summary of each highlight.

Simply tap “Play Highlights”, located on top of the “Recent Videos” section to view previews from your home feed. You can watch subsequent highlight videos by swiping to the left on your screen while a clip is in play.


If you enjoyed a particular highlight, tapping on the white info bar under the clip will bring you to the exact point in the broadcast you were viewing. To get back to the highlights reel, simply hit the “Close” icon at the top right of the screen.

The developers at Periscope took numerous signals into consideration in order to figure out what aspects of a replay to include in a highlight. In a recent post, the developers stressed their intention to fine-tune the signals continuously, in order to make viewing many replays simple and effortless to do.

Highlights are expected to be added to Periscope updates on Android and iOS devices over the next several days. Android users are getting the upper hand, as they can access exclusive live broadcasts that automatically play in the global feed and watch tab without sound when the Periscope app is opened. iOS users will have access to this feature in the near feature.

Twitter, who is Periscope’s parent company, as added the option to embed tweets with Periscope streams online.


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