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Top 15 Search Engines – With the New Contender

d20275ba3900878a09b35de2f10e2f6c by David Welch | Sep 20, 2016 | Uncategorized





After reading we noticed something was missing. This is by far a contender for top spot after reviewing the capabilities of

Listed below is a breakdown of what has of the different search engines out there, and to be perfectly frank this a good list of alternative search engines that have different capabilities and content. However, this article was published before the launch of This site is pretty amazing and I will go over some of the unique user friendly capabilities this site has in store for the on the go tech warriors we are today.

So here is our revised list of the Top 15 Search Engines as per, starting from #15.

#15 Creative Commons Search


CC Search is particularly handy if you need to find copyright free images for your website (as discussed in this post on”optimisation and for SEO). Just type your query in then click on your chosen site you want to search.






d20275ba3900878a09b35de2f10e2f6c About the Author: David Welch is an independent author and not associated with Big Informer. We thank David for his insight and article.

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