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Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak spoke to Business Insider at the WeAreDevelopers World Congress in Vienna, Austria. Asked by Business Insider about Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, he said he was “bothered by what technology has become.” He also hinted it is worth considering whether monopolists like Facebook, Amazon, and Apple should be split up.

Sabrina Hoffmann, editor-in-chief of Business Insider Deutschland: You’ve always seemed to be less focused on profit and power and more focused on just creating amazing computers. In times of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, manipulated elections and cybersecurity threats: are you disappointed by or even afraid of what technology has become?

Steve Wozniak: I don’t know if those words are right. I’m bothered by what technology has become. Usually, I don’t let things bother me but what bothers me more than anything in the world is when technology goes bad. Because it ends up being on people like me, for creating something that turned out to not to be good and pure. I always want to put the human before the technology. In a company like Apple that made computers easy to use, I always thought that the user was more important than the technology. We put a lot of effort into letting people live their lives in a normal, human way.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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