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Android updates have always suffered from the fragmentation pespecially back in the days of Ice Cream Sandwich and Lollipop due to which it took a very long time for OEMs to implement the latest Android update to their devices. Google tried to fix the problem by introducing Project Treble which separated the Android OS framework from SoCs lower-level software. Google then introduced Project Mainlin and made some particular Mainline modules mandatory with every Android update. Now, a XDA recognised developer luca020400 spotted a post by a Google Engineer which indicates that the company is planning to replace the Android Runtime with a Mainline module in Android 12, allowing to update essential OS components via Play Store just like apps.

Android Runtime translates the Android app’s bytecode into native machine instructions. It is a pretty important function for the Android ecosystem. With Project Mainline implementation to ART, Google can tweak certain things or fix a security issue at any point without waiting for OS revisions.

According to the post, the ART will become an updateable Mainline module in Android S/Android 12. This will allow Google to have more control over updates. With updateable ART, Google can address any issue or update a few things without waiting to roll an entire operating system update via OTA. Also, If Google makes it a compulsion for all OEMs to implement Google-signed ART module then it can even control pushing updates to ART on Android devices using Play Store.

The implementation will bring more consistency across all Android apps, however, it will at the same time will restrict OEMs to be able to make any changes to ART and will also prevent them from implementing customisation they usually add to their devices.

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