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Top 15 Search Engines – With the New Contender

d20275ba3900878a09b35de2f10e2f6c by David Welch | Sep 20, 2016 | Uncategorized

#1 GoPit Search

GoPit is becoming very popular amongst the search engine community, because it provides users a very unique array of options and categories with their search. The Homepage is very much like what we’ve seen with other search engines, but with a few major differences in capability than the other contenders for’s top spot.



⦁ Social Search Engine – Unlike other search sites, GoPit actually allows you to share content directly from the site with the universal share symbol to your social media.

⦁ Transitioning from images to videos and other categories is very simple and your search is maintained with each click.

⦁ List and Grid – these view options allow the user to place the content in the aesthetic they prefer to use no matter what the search type.

⦁ The Search Categories – In the upper right hand corner your search can extend beyond the general all-inclusive find to a more refined inquiry. There are 13 sub-categories that users can choose from.

⦁ Quickview – how about a look at the content before clicking. This feature could literally be a lifesaver.

The mobile app is very user friendly and allows the content to be searched with a cascading category option with several sub-categories for a more thorough layer of investigation.



Tickets – Don’t have tickets to the show? No worries, purchase directly from GoPit.

Travel – Need a getaway? Get your vacation started in real time, not the future.

Shopping – Forget the anniversary? Search thousands of stores online instantly.

Local – Can’t find the local coffee shop? Need a deal on the go? Search no further.

Jobs – Out of work? Find your employer of choice at your fingertips.

Deals – Discounts on the go? Find your deals here!

To go along with the general Web, Images, Videos and News search categories you get from all the other search engines.

This search engine didn’t make the list for the only reason that is very new to the search market. We expect this search engine will easily contend for the top three spots on in the very near future.


d20275ba3900878a09b35de2f10e2f6c About the Author: David Welch is an independent author and not associated with Big Informer. We thank David for his insight and article.

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