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Selfie sticks are all the rage these days. Unfortunately, it’s become outrageous how clumsy and unskilled most people are at using them. They can even be a danger to others when not used correctly. Fortunately, there are tons of tips on how to best take advantage of selfie sticks forawesome shots. Take a look at the best pieces of selfie stick advice here:

Decide if it’s worth it. Busting out your selfie stick will definitely draw attention. And a lengthening list of museums and attractions are outright banning their use. Don’t use a stick when your arm’s reach can do the same job.

Look around you before using it. Make sure you’re not blocking the view of others. Selfie sticks can seriously boost your photography, but they can also become a nuisance at concerts or in front of a beautiful work of art. Don’t get in the way of someone else in order to snap a shot.


Position yourself for the best shot. In a crowd? Get out of it, or least get to its edges. Selfie stick shotslook best when they’re not too encumbered with dozens of people.

Give some thought to the shot you want. Grab a sample shot with the stick, then check it out to ensure it’s exactly what you want. Pro tip: purchase a wide angle lens to give your selfie stick shot more depth.

Go beyond the selfie. Despite their name, selfie sticks aren’t limited to selfies alone. Look around for cool, unexplored angles for an awesome, fresh shot. Take advantage of the stick’s length to createshots that you couldn’t do with just your arm. Maybe an overhead view would be great, or try a super-low perspective on the subject.

Mind the stick’s placement in the shot. You want as little stick as possible to be seen. So be mindful of this in your test shot, and readjust accordingly to make sure the stick doesn’t seem like the subject of the shot.


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