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Top 15 Search Engines – With the New Contender

d20275ba3900878a09b35de2f10e2f6c by David Welch | Sep 2, 2016 | Uncategorized






I finally checked out the buzz of a new search engine mobile app on the market, and here is what I found.

I am sure you remember this quote from religious folks “God answers all”

Folks in this age know Google is next to God in answering all.

Now what you don’t know is that something better than Google is now here.

How possible is that for Pete sake!! How can there be a rival to Google?

Oh yeah, the team over at GoPit have been working on a mobile search engine app for a few years and now it is available on both Android and iOS platform. This app beats my wildest imagination in searching for anything, in a fun and customized manner. For example, I could easily tweet instantly using the GoPit mobile search engine about the fact that my news agency is now ranked first on the search page and show the proof directly on my social page! Isn’t that cool?!

I mean, come on! have you a seen a mobile search engine that has features like this?



A thumbshot of each individual result that is very visible and useful to identify what I am searching for. That iOS feeling of pop and peek using the “Quick Look” option. When I used that feature I didn’t have to leave the app to view outside sources. This feature to me is a life saver, you know why; it saves me from opening lots of pages in new tabs just to have a peek of whether it is the right answer or not, leaving me with the task of closing a lot of tabs… Uuuuurgh!. So with this mobile search engine no more Uuuuuurghs!!!.

Great useful results, the results I got were very relevant. I noticed I didn’t have to sort through tons of useless results like you see on many other search engines

These are just a few to mention. So, you want to get into the next best thing in a mobile search engine, where odds are the other mobile search engine’s just keep shoving non relevant results at you.

Then now is the time to Go Pitch your tent with GoPit

It took me no time to rate it 5 stars on Playstore after I explored the App, its design, fully responsive and engaging functionalities were a breath of fresh air. Here are some additional things I noticed about the app.

  • No Longer a Rocket Science
    Using a mobile search engine for most is a rocket science. Searching for a particular thing can be as hard as looking for a needle in a haystack. GoPit has made it so easy, you don’t need to be a pro in searching for anything. The app allows to you to pick what areas you want to search from, be it tickets to a certain event you want to attend, or directions to the event, or deals for a certain commodity or an item you want to get. Students can now easily search for documents they want, be it PDF, Word, PPT, Text or Excel Format. So no more distractions from other irrelevant results. This was just a small example of the many search options that are provided through the GoPit mobile search app.
  • A One Stop for all major search engines you love to use
    My kind of person likes to get all search perspectives, because I don’t want to leave anything out, as it is for most people. GoPit is like having all the major mobile search engines housed in one app, and that means a great deal to me. Bye bye to multiple apps on my phone, GoPit saves me some space on my phone memory.
  • Seamlessly Updates to Social Networks
    It gets more interesting, every search result comes with a ready option to share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media apps on your device. You can also easily message any result(s) to friends or family.
  • A Time Saving App
    Most search engines take a lot of our precious time because you will have to load the site separately. In GoPit, I noticed all results load directly from the app, it doesn’t jump to another browser or another app, which is amazing to me. Time is so managed and saved on GoPit App.
  • An Innovative Way to Save Results
    GoPit is a futuristic app, I so much will look forward to using their “My Search” account. I can now save my research directly within a personal account to view at a later time. Do I need to even mention how much time that will save me when I need to locate previous results from my prior searches.
  • Highly Interactive
    I find the Comment box on each search result an interesting witty idea. I could just check out popular views about a particular result before I decide to open them. Saves me time opening the result if it is not what I want. A lot of cool stuff comes with feature.

Frankly, the list of what I find interesting is really long, and this app is just in its beta stage. Now, begin to think what it can do when all its features are fully represented. The updates to this app are sure promising and worth the intrigue.

People all over the world have poured in reviews that are positive, so I know I am not the only one swept away by GoPit. Here are some comments from a CEO, a Legal Secretary and an Internet marketer respectively.

“I am absolutely impressed with this app. The GoPit mobile app has found a solution to gap the social networks and mobile search engines directly from one place. In addition, the search options are well thought out and provides a much more complete search option than anything currently available. This app is a job well done!”

“I was originally taken away by the GoPit desktop and then I was able to try the mobile application. Now I am even more taken away with the search app. One thing I do is a lot of searching with my job and GoPit has saved me so much time with the simple refinement of the searches. Along with the social aspect and saving of searches it is a real refreshing development.”

“Thanks for letting test out your app as this was a surprise to see how well put together this is. Very simple to use and loads of valuable searchable information. I love the add to favorite feature as I do a lot of research and this will save me a bunch of time. You are most certainly on to something here. I can’t wait to see the full release.”

Just so you know, GoPit had started way back in 2009, and they have gone through a lot of research, development, input and now they are in the beta stage. As I said earlier, they are futuristic and someone who will send the mobile search market in a new refreshing direction.

Try it yourself on the Android or iOS device and experience the innovation in a mobile search engine. I think you will agree with my assessment of GoPit mobile search app.


d20275ba3900878a09b35de2f10e2f6c About the Author: David Welch is an independent author and not associated with Big Informer. We thank David for his insight and article.

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