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In the past the affiliate network Clicksure has been able to operate with a very passive anti-spam policy. In recent months because of many complaints and pressure from the FTC, there has been a call-to-action for Clicksure to take the responsibility for their affiliates actions.

Clicksure in the past has placed the responsibility their merchants to control the affiliates spamming methods. This is like telling the merchants to stop making money, and that is not going to happen.

In the last few months of 2016, Clicksure has already began aggressively banning affiliates for just a hint of a spam complaint and now will not be placing the responsibility on their merchants. In 2017, Clicksure will be making it easier for spam to be identified and complaints to be reported.

This is going to be bad news for affiliates who may be following the rules as with a no tolerance spam policy will usually ban a few of the legitimate affiliates. That is bad news as well because all current commissions will not be paid.

The bottom line is it looks like Clicksure is finally stepping up and weeding out the spammers on their network and hopefully the good affiliates will still be left standing.

It looks like Clicksure recently updated their policy page to a “no tolerance” spam policy so it does look like they are getting serious.

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